Troubleshooting Tips

Air Pro Heating & Cooling is always willing to help with minor HVAC issues you may experience. Before calling for a service call you may want to try the following:

  • Regular filters should be changed monthly. Media filters should be changed twice a year.
  • Trouble with your thermostat? Click on the URL for on-line help:
  • High-efficiency furnace – no heat? Check that outside pipes are clear of ice. (Ice and snow buildup may shut the system down).
  • Gas furnace not heating? Check other gas appliances to for flame. The outside meter could be frozen in extremely cold outside or could be a gas leak in the neighborhood. If there is no gas call your gas company.
  • Furnace not working after returning from vacation or being out of town? Could be due to a power outage. A) Turn thermostat to OFF position, B) find OFF/ON switch located on furnace wait and reset switch, then turn the thermostat to on position. In most cases, unit will work.
  • Ensure all vents and registers are open & unblocked.

If none of the above items solved your problem, please call us to schedule a technician – 1-800-749-0642